I grew up in a small village in Wiltshire, where I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a supportive family and a great network of teachers that encouraged me to think independently and have confidence in my own ideas, even when this wasn’t always easy to do.

I now feel very grateful for the opportunity to be studying for a Masters’ degree in Modern British History at Somerville, in a subject area that I genuinely believe to be both fascinating and vitally important to modern society.

As a historian specialising in social, cultural and political modern British history, I am particularly interested in groups and events that have been traditionally marginalised in historical accounts. My research is focused on the development of political thought throughout the twentieth century and on historicising gender, BAME and LGBT+ communities, and the modern-day socio-political implications of their omission in conventional narratives. I consider history to be a powerful vehicle for change and a subject that we are increasingly seeing the value of in light of current issues.

I am very excited for my time spent studying at Oxford over the coming year and for the opportunities offered by the Thatcher Scholarship programme.