Using the Library in Trinity Term


A reminder of three things at this busy time of year and a thank you:

Noise  The library is a place for *silent study*.  Whispered conversations/quiet talking  are not acceptable at any time of the day or night.  If you don’t want to work in a silent atmosphere, please do consider using the library loggia area or you can book the Group Study Room for up to two hours in any 24 hour period. We will be monitoring noise levels regularly during the day and evening.  If you find yourself being disturbed by people whispering, please do ask them to be quiet or alert one of the library staff members (by email is fine)

Study Space    If you are having difficulty finding a space to study, please ask at the desk – we can nearly always find somewhere for you!  And don’t forget about  the overflow library space in Park 3 which is open 24/7.

Checking out Books   If you have books in the library that you are keeping in a tray or one of the storage areas, you must check it out on the self-issue machine.  We will do random checks on such books and if yours are not checked out, we will reshelve them.  It is in everyone’s interests to know whether a books is being used or not. If you need a book – check it out!

And a thank you to all those who have replied to the library survey! For those that haven’t responded, the survey will remain open for another week or so – do please give us your feedback so that we can improve services for you (and so that you get a chance to win the Amazon £25 voucher!)

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