You should also familiarise yourself with the UG Handbook 2017-18 and the University Examination Regulations.

Personal and Organising Tutors

Your Personal Tutor will be a member of the College’s academic staff working either in your own subject area, or in a related one. They will oversee your academic progress, and are also available to talk about any personal difficulties you may experience. You will also have one or more Organising Tutors, who will be responsible for arranging your teaching. You will receive an email at the beginning of each academic year telling you who your Personal Tutor is.

Undergraduate reports

Your tutors will each term write reports on your work with them. You can read your tutors’ reports online, using OxCORT, the Oxford Colleges On-line Reports for Tutorials system. You can log in using your Oxford Single Sign On username and password. You should usually be able to see your reports for a given term from Monday of 9th week. If you’re unable to view the content of your reports, please check with your Personal Tutor in the first instance that your reports have been released to you on OxCORT. Your Personal Tutor sees all your reports, and is willing to discuss your academic progress at any time. In addition, at the end of each term, you will have a Report Reading with your Personal Tutor, when you will go over the term’s reports with them.

Appointments with the Principal

Undergraduates are required to see the College Principal each year, to discuss your academic progress and wellbeing. You will be emailed with details of appointment dates and times, and information on how to sign up for an appointment. First year and second year undergraduates are seen in Michaelmas Term. Third and fourth year undergraduates are seen in Hilary Term. The Principal is also available in Trinity Term for any undergraduate who wishes to make an appointment to see her. The Principal is also available, by appointment, to offer advice and careers guidance, and to discuss references. You can make an appointment to see her by emailing


At the beginning of each term, many undergraduates sit Collections, which are College exams intended to monitor academic progress. Collections are less formal than University exams and have no dress code. However, good performance and evidence of excellent progress may be rewarded with a prize, and a serious view is taken of failure to attend or of inadequate performance. Your tutors should be able to tell you at the end of a term whether you will have any Collections the following term. Sessions are always held on Friday and Saturday of 0th Week, at the following times:

  • 09.30 – 12.30
  • 14.30 – 17.30

You may occasionally be set Collections at other times during the year. The Tutorial and Graduate Officer handles all practical arrangements for Collections. If you already have permission from the Proctors to have extra time and/or use of a computer in University exams, you may if you wish also request these arrangements for Collections, if you give enough notice. Please contact the Tutorial and Graduate Officer immediately to discuss such arrangements.

Academic feedback

The College and the JCR value undergraduates’ comments on the teaching you receive. Constructive feedback is extremely valuable to the College, whether positive or negative. Academic feedback sessions are organised by the JCR. Please contact the JCR Academic Officer for further details. If you have specific concerns about your teaching that you feel unable to discuss with your tutor, you should arrange to see the Senior Tutor in confidence.


Oxford students are required to attend a Matriculation ceremony at the start of their Oxford studies although there are exceptions as explained below. At this ceremony, you formally become a member of the University of Oxford. You must attend the Matriculation ceremony on Saturday 14th October 2017 at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford. If you have not previously matriculated at Oxford, the College will automatically register you for this ceremony. Details of the proceedings will be available when you arrive at Somerville. A group photograph will be taken of students beginning a new course at Somerville. You will need to wear academic dress and sub fusc for this ceremony and photo. Unfortunately, due to limited space at the Sheldonian Theatre, guests are not permitted at the ceremony, which is in any case very brief. If you have already matriculated at Oxford, you will not need to matriculate again. If you hold a degree from the University of Cambridge or Trinity College Dublin you may, if you wish, incorporate that degree instead of matriculating in Oxford. Incorporation means converting your Cambridge or Trinity degree into an Oxford one. You would still retain your original degree. If you would like to incorporate a degree, please contact the Academic Office Administrator ( Even if you do not need to attend the Matriculation ceremony on 14th October, we ask that you attend the Matriculation group photograph wearing academic dress and sub fusc.

Academic dress and sub fusc

All members of the University are required to wear academic dress with sub fusc clothing on certain occasions:

  • Matriculation ceremony
  • University examinations
  • Graduation ceremony

Academic dress consists of a Commoner’s Gown or Scholar’s Gown and mortarboard or soft cap. Gowns and caps may be bought at any Oxford tailor’s shop, and may also be available from Oxford University Student Union. Second-hand gowns are likely to be available. It is unnecessary to buy a gown immediately on arrival in Oxford, although academic dress is required for the Matriculation ceremony. Sub fusc clothing consists of the following:

  • either dark suit with dark socks, or dark skirt with black tights or stockings, or dark trousers with dark socks
  • dark coat if required
  • black shoes
  • plain white collared shirt or blouse
  • white bow tie, black bow tie, black full-length tie, or black ribbon

There is more information about academic dress on the University website (


You may for future activities need a transcript detailing the course(s) you have taken at Somerville and the results you have obtained. Students and alumni who began a taught course at Oxford in, or after, Michaelmas 2007 (for exceptions see below) can order a University transcript via One complete transcript is automatically sent to your home address as listed on Student Self Service once you have completed your course. College transcripts are available for the following groups, with ordering information given below:

  • students and alumni who began a taught course before Michaelmas 2007
  • BA Medical Sciences
  • BA Physiological Sciences
  • Alumni who undertook a research course

College transcripts are despatched within two working weeks of receiving a complete transcript request. However, during December, transcript requests may take longer. If you are eligible for a transcript from the College, please email the information below to

  • your full name
  • your matriculation year
  • the course(s) you studied at Somerville
  • any information needed in your transcript other than your course details and results
  • whether you require your transcript(s) in hard copy, or emailed as an attachment
  • if you need hard copy, the number of copies needed
  • the name of the person to whom the transcript(s) should be sent
  • postal and/or email address(es) to which the transcript(s) should be sent
  • the deadline by which the recipient(s) must receive the transcript(s)


The Decanal team for Michaelmas Term 2017 will consist of:

The Dean: Jonathan Burton

The Dean is in charge of non-academic discipline of Junior Members and the College’s Rules, as set out in the College Handbook. The Deans Regulations and Decanal Disciplinary Procedure explain students’ obligations as member of the College community. In certain circumstances, Junior Members may be summoned to see the Dean during weekly Dean’s Hour. Junior members are reminded that such summons take priority over any academic, sporting or social engagement. Dean’s Hour takes place on Tuesdays (13.00 – 14.00) in Maitland 20.

The Junior Deans: Sybilla Pereira, Favour Nyikosa and Alex Sheader

One of the Junior Deans is on call every night from 7pm until 7am and over the weekend. They deal with urgent disciplinary matters and also provide crisis welfare support for students experiencing pastoral problems. The Junior Deans also sign off student event requests for the Quad, Brittain-Williams Room and Flora Anderson Hall.

Please contact the Deans via, or by calling 07805 784964 between 7pm and 7am or over the weekend.