Travel and Special Project Grants for Undergraduates

Applications have now closed for Hilary Term. The application form for Trinity Term will be available to download from this webpage in March.

Funding is available from Somerville towards the cost of course-related travel and projects. This could include conferences, courses, expeditions, fieldwork and research, as well as events taking place in Oxford.


Enrolled undergraduate students are eligible for this funding. Please note that students who are on suspension and visiting students are not eligible. Applicants should be in need of financial support for travel or projects relating to their studies. Applicants should ensure that they also apply to other funding sources such as department or faculty travel grants.

Award levels

Up to £500 over the length of the course. In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to make awards above this level.

Application process

Students should complete the application form and email it to the Scholarships and Funding Officer with evidence of any estimated or actual costs. Applications will be forwarded to Personal Tutors for their comments.

Application deadlines

For Hilary Term, applications must be received by 12 noon on Monday of 2nd week (25th January). The applications deadlines for other terms are:

  • Trinity Term: Monday of minus 1st week (12th April)

Project deadlines

For Hilary Term, the planned travel or project must start after Wednesday of 4th week (10th February). It is not possible to be considered for retrospective funding unless there are exceptional circumstances. The project deadlines for other terms are:

  • Trinity Term: Wednesday of 1st week (28th April)


All applications will be acknowledged once the deadline has passed. Decisions are made by the Somerville College Travel and Special Project Grants Committee.


Successful applicants will be expected to submit a brief report after the completion of their project.


If you have any queries, please email the Scholarships and Funding Officer.