Engineering Science

Engineering is one of the larger subjects, or ‘schools’ offered at Somerville. The course is centrally organized and the college has the great advantage of being only just across the road from the Engineering Department where all the lectures and practicals take place.

Students find it very convenient to be able to walk back and forth between lectures and classes in the Department, lunch in College, practicals in the Department, tutorials in College, and so forth. Somerville has made a special effort to foster Engineering and related subjects since we appointed our first lecturer in the subject in 1985, and the College continues to be committed to encouraging women in Engineering. It also seeks to provide a supportive background for those who have had limited practical experience before coming up to Oxford.

Tutorials are organized primarily within College but the range of subjects is wide and you will be taught by tutors from outside College in the later part of the course. For the first two years of the Engineering degree, students can expect to be taught in-house by tutors at Somerville. In the 3rd and 4th year there is a mix of project work and tutorial classes organised within the Department. The specialist options are taught by the experts in the field, whatever you choose. Some students defer entry for a relevant industrial placement in the year between school and university. Those who already have places with us are also encouraged and assisted in seeking sponsorship during the course.

Engineering is one of the larger subjects, or ‘schools’ offered at Somerville, and takes six undergraduates each year.


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