Classics and Joint Schools

Classics at Somerville is a large and flourishing subject, with students from a wide variety of backgrounds and schools reading for all the different degrees involving Classics.

The College library has an outstanding collection of books and journals in all classical subjects; there are several travel funds (many donated by or in memory of classicists formerly at Somerville) dedicated to providing travel grants to students visiting Greece, Italy and other centres of Greek and Roman civilisation. The Ashmolean Museum, a few minutes’ walk from Somerville, contains an invaluable collection for archaeologists. Nearby is the Sackler Library, a specialist classics library housed in a magnificent new building in St John Street.

Many noted classical scholars have been graduates of Somerville, and a considerable number of Somervillians are to be found teaching Classics in universities and schools today. Recent Classics graduates have gone on to a wide variety of careers, including banking, the law, accountancy, management consultancy, television and journalism.

Somerville welcomes applicants for all the classics courses, including course II. The courses offer variety and flexibility in choice of areas of study, as well as the chance to learn one or both of Latin and ancient Greek while at Oxford. All candidates called for interview are set a language test or (in the case of those who have neither Greek nor Latin A-level or equivalent) a language-aptitude test. The same tests will be used by all colleges.

Six to eight undergraduates are admitted each year, studying classics (five to seven a year) or one of the joint degrees in classics and modern languages; in addition there are students studying the joint courses of Ancient and Modern History, and Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (CAAH); see separate entries for these.

Somerville is very fortunate in having four tutors (Classics, Ancient History, Ancient Philosophy and Classical Archaeology) as well as a research fellow and a lecturer in house, who are all involved in the teaching of Classics students throughout their course. The classics tutors will be very glad to answer any questions if you are thinking of studying one or other of the Classics courses at Oxford.


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