The Oxford academic year is divided into three terms:

  • Michaelmas (autumn term)
  • Hilary (spring term)
  • Trinity (summer term)

In Oxford, a week runs from Sunday to Saturday. Weeks during term-time are known as 0th Week, 1st Week (which is the first standard teaching week of term), 2nd Week etc.

First year undergraduate students

Michaelmas Term 2019

Sunday 13th October to Saturday 7th December

  • Arrival dates:
    • Overseas students – Monday 7th October 09:30-14:00
    • UK students – Tuesday 8th October 09:30-14:00
  • Departure date: Saturday 7th December by 10:00

Hilary Term 2020

Sunday 19th January to Saturday 14th March

  • Arrival date: Wednesday 15th January 09:30-16:00
  • Departure date: Saturday 14th March by 10:00 (although dependent on first year exams)

Trinity Term 2019

Sunday 26th April to Saturday 20th June

  • Arrival date: Wednesday 22nd April 09:30-16:00
  • Departure date: Saturday 20th June by 10:00 (although dependent on first year exams)

(NB – in exceptional circumstances, students are able to apply for a small number of vacation residence days at the start/end of Hilary/Trinity terms by prior arrangement and at extra cost. This is NOT available for Michaelmas term)

At Somerville, first year undergraduates on standard courses are, in their first term, required to arrive at the College on Tuesday 8th October in 0th Week. Some first year courses have University exams after the end of Hilary and Trinity terms.

You are therefore advised to wait until you have started your course and know your exam arrangements before booking travel for the ends of Hilary and Trinity terms.

In all other terms, and in later years of your course, undergraduates on courses with standard term dates will be required to sign in at the College by 16.00 on Wednesday of 0th Week in each term.

It is important that you vacate your room promptly by 10:00 on the Saturday at the end of term because your room will need to be prepared for vacation residents (such as admissions interviewees in December).

First year Graduate Entry Medicine students

First year Graduate Entry Medicine students are required to arrive by Thursday 26th September 2019, for a course start date of Friday 27th September 2019. Accommodation will be available from Tuesday 24th September 2019.

Graduate students

Please note that graduate taught courses will likely require you to be in Oxford outside the standard undergraduate term dates. For graduates working towards research degrees, term dates may be of little relevance.