Somerville Film Club HT20

Wednesdays 29th January, 12th February, 26th February, and 11th March

Somerville Film Club Hilary Term 2020

All Somervillians and their guests are welcome. There is no charge but donations are very gratefully received.

Wednesday 29th JanuaryBeautiful Thing (1996)

Wednesday 12th FebruaryPride (2014)

Wednesday 26th FebruaryCarol (2015)

Wednesday 11th MarchD. E. B. S. (2004)

Films start at 7.15 pm, with drinks and nibbles at 7 pm, in the Margaret Thatcher Centre.

Details of programme:

This term’s films have been selected by the JCR LGBTQ+ Officer.

Week I: Beautiful Thing (1996)

Beautiful Thing (dir. Hettie MacDonald) follows the story of Jamie, a teenage boy living on a council estate in Southeast London who is bullied at school due to his dislike of football and his shy nature. He is secretly in love with his classmate, Ste, and as the film progresses, the two become closer, despite the disapproval of their families and peers. Not only a beautiful and compassionately told coming of age story, the film explores what it’s like to be queer in an economically deprived community.

Week II: Pride (2014)

Pride (dir. Matthew Warchus) is a historical comedy-drama film based on a true story. It follows a group of lesbian and gay activists who seek to raise money to help those families affected by the 1984 British miners strike. Unlike many LGBT historical films, Pride is not the story of a romance but instead of a community banding together – a community which would eventually come the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners campaign. Widely praised by critics for its humour and accessibility without trivialising the issues involved, and featuring an impressive 80s soundtrack, Pride is a feel-good story which simultaneously challenges the viewer’s expectations.

Week III: Carol (2015)

Carol (dir. Todd Haynes), set in 1950s New York, tells the story of a taboo romance between young aspiring photographer Therese and Carol, an older woman going through a difficult divorce. Based on Patricia Highsmith’s semi-autobiographical novel The Price of Salt, Carol is notable not only for its sensitively told story but also its stunning visuals. The film is widely critically acclaimed, being nominated for six Academy Awards and five Golden Globes. In 2016, the British Film Institute named Carol as the best LGBT film of all time.

Week IV: D. E. B. S. (2004)

D. E. B. S. (dir. Angela Robinson) is about a group of four female spies who use their wiles and beauty to take down criminals. The story centres around Amy, the top recruit to the agency, who accidentally becomes romantically involved with a notorious international gangster, Lucy Diamond. Though initially widely panned upon its release, the film has since become something of a queer cult classic.

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