Restricted services

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Restricted websites

The College currently restricts access to websites containing known malware or spyware infections for the protection of all users.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Resource Sharing
Until June 2010 use of peer-to-peer software was forbidden within the university, since the 18th June 2010 the rules have been relaxed at University level and that the onus for deciding what is appropriate use in terms of p2p-type technologies will fall on Colleges and Departments.

Currently p2p is still prohibited within the college as per the old university regulations, Skype is permitted and Spotify has been unblocked (Nov 2010) as both of these applications should have little impact upon network performance. Usage will be monitored for permitted services and if network traffic is adversely affect this decision may be reversed.

A full review of the Peer-to-Peer restrictions will be taking place at a future IT Committee in 2011.

The new rules for p2p at university level can be found here.


Restricted Software


A restriction currently exists on accessing Dropbox services from College computers in both public computer rooms and administrative offices.

This restriction does not apply to personal computers or devices used within the College.

While Dropbox can be seen as a quick and easy method to store files in the cloud there are issues in using such software in a shared computer environment (such as our computer rooms) that could result in your Dropbox files being accessible by other users of the computer you use. Further issues have been seen with computers running out of diskspace due to sync issues with Dropbox services.

Unfortunately, many software tools and facilities that are freely available to personal users are not designed for shared computer environments – Dropbox is one of them.

The College does not make the decision to restrict sites for users lightly. Therefore the IT department will continue to monitor services such as Dropbox, and will lift the restriction if circumstances allow it.

Specific Policies for our different users are available here:

  • Student & Academic Staff Users, 
  • Internal Administrative Staff Users
  • Visitors & Conference Users

The following policies are relevant to all the above users, please familiarise yourself with them before contacting IT Support:

  • Rules for Use of Computer and Network Facilities
  • Oxford University Computer Usage Rules and Etiquette
  • JANET Acceptable Use Policy

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To request access to a site which you require for your academic work please email stating the exact URL you are having problems with.


If anyone feels that another user is unnecessarily troubling him or her, they should report the matter to the IT Systems Manager.

In cases of dispute, the IT System Managers decision will be final.

These rules are correct at time of going to press; the College reserves the right to change these rules at any time