New Scholar

Tanvi’s story

I am pursuing an MSc in Environmental Change and Management at the School of Geography and the Environment.

Prior to this, I studied Environmental Science, Chemistry and Botany at the undergraduate level at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. Apart from my undergraduate studies, internship experiences in energy, sanitation and environmental education cemented my intent to work in the field and motivated me to pursue a graduate education in environmental sustainability.

Within environmental sustainability, I am specifically interested in food systems. I first became ‘academically’ conscious of this area of research, when I spent a summer break volunteering as a farm hand in a community farm. My interest in food systems, thus piqued, grew during my undergraduate dissertation, which focussed on the impacts of the existing vegetable supply chain and analysed the possibility of a modified system centred around urban agriculture.

Through the MSc in Environmental Change and Management, I am looking forward to an experience where I gain a rounded understanding of environmental problems and am equipped to create useful interventions in the sustainability space. With a focus on research in the Indian context and specific interest in sustainable nutrition and the environment, the OIC, apart from giving me the incredible opportunity to study this course, also provides structure to my studies and enables me to apply my learnings to the particular context of Indian food systems.