Complex Recipe Conferences: 2016 & 2017

The OICSD convened two events on sustainable nutrition: A Complex Recipe in July 2016 in Oxford, and Nutrition, Power and Environment in March 2017 in Delhi.


On the 21st March 2017 the 2016 conference was followed up by a similar workshop held in Delhi by the OICSD and Tata Trusts. Bringing together over 100 people from across the food, nutrition, social change and environmental sectors, the aim of the event was to enable experts from diverse fragments of the food system to make connections beyond their normal silos; and to use this broad gathering of experts to generate a prioritised list of the ideas, actions or research questions necessary to enable transformative steps to achieve sustainable nutrition.

You can read about the outcomes of this second meeting in this document: 10 Priorities


A Complex Recipe Conference: Oxford, 2016 


On the 12th and 13th of July 2016, the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development, from Somerville College, hosted over 100 key players from academia, industry, government and civil society in a two-day conference, entitled A complex recipe – why food is about more than what we eat: nutrition, power and the environment.

Please click the interactive document below to read the report. If you would like to download a pdf version, please follow this link.


Throughout the inaugural Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development conference, illustrator Josie Willey was creating a visual representation of the key themes covered. The results spanned over an entire wall. To see the results, please have a look at the interactive gallery below.

A Complex Recipe - Josie Willey Illustrations

A Complex Recipe 2016 photos by Terri Amos


A Complex Recipe 2016