We collect personal data directly from you, but also may collect and generate data from different sources. Our Record of Processing Activities (below) provides further detail regarding the sources of each category of personal data we collect and process.

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Source of DataHow data is collected
Directly from youdirect contact via telephone, letters or email
search for our courses
online contact forms
receiving orders, requests and/or payments
processing applications
arranging accommodation
request for information electronically or otherwise, and/or
provide feedback or contact us.
Proof of identify such as passports or birth certificates
Information we learn about you through our relationship and the way you interact with us;in our communications with you
attendance at a conference or an event
through your membership of, and education at, the college
Information we may receive from third parties from time to time;The University of Oxford operates a number of IT systems which the College accesses and includes systems such as Weblearn, your email account and other learning environments
The University of Oxford’s Development and Alumni Relations System (‘DARS’)
Accessing teaching allocation records and schedules via the University of Oxford systems
Accessing the University of Oxford systems to access information regarding your funding status, visa information, examinations results, supervisor reports, health information and emergency contact information
Student societies
obtained from our third-party service providers, for example our booking agency
previous employers
your school and other previous educational establishments
information from the University of Oxford where you a apply for joint position offered by both the College and the University
voluntary or statutory services relating to childcare and protection
Donors or other funding supporters
Information we gather using technology, and how you use technology (for example recognising behavioural patterns).when you access our website (an IP address for example)
statistical information we receive from applications such as Google Analytics. For more information about google analytics see www.google.com/analytics
when you access our IT systems
when you access the college (CCTV, use of fob or a swipe card generating a log of your attendance at the college)
Other sourcesStaff, the University of Oxford, researchers, family members, donors, supporters, visitors
Publicly available sources