Dr Catherine Mary MacRobert

Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

Starting from my doctoral dissertation on the history of Bulgarian syntax, my research has focussed primarily on the delimitation and interaction of various Slavonic vernaculars and the medieval literary language, Church Slavonic.

My primary data are drawn from the various translations of the Psalter produced up to the fifteenth century, and my investigations touch on the origins of Old Church Slavonic, medieval translation technique, evidence for prosodic and morphosyntactic changes (e.g. in clitic use and word division), the principles and practice of textual criticism in application to Church Slavonic material, the palaeography of Cyrillic and Glagolitic manuscripts, and Church Slavonic hymnographical traditions. At present I am editing two psalter manuscripts: the second Glagolitic psalter, MS Sinai Slav 3N, to be published by an international team headed by Professor Heinz Miklas (Vienna); and an early fourteenth-century Serbian psalter, MS Peć 68.

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