Linus Ubl

Departmental Lecturer
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages

At Somerville, I teach all papers to first year students, covering both language and literature. For FHS, I teach translation from and into German as well as all medieval papers.

Coming from studying German and History very broadly, I am generally interested in any kind of intertwining between both disciplines, particularly in the Middle Ages. This includes historiography, the history of Christianity, cultural history as well as palaeography, but also reception studies and the question of how history is told in the present, i.e. books, movies and popular culture.

I am particularly interested in religious literature, for example legends and mystical texts. My DPhil project looked at the Upper German reception of the Liber specialis graitae by Mechthild of Hackeborn, a mystical text, which had been widely copied and circulated in the Late Middle Ages.

For further information, including a list of publications, see my faculty profile.

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