Erfan Soliman

Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering Science

Erfan Soliman is a stipendiary lecturer in Engineering Science.

Erfan completed his DPhil in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, with a focus on the development of a muscle-neuron synapse model for applications in neuromuscular disease research. Before coming to Oxford, he completed his BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Harvard University, with a thesis on conductive, bio-compatible composites for axonal regeneration.

He specialises in engineered solutions for biomedical applications. His current interests lie in the development of technology to address problems in healthcare. He is a stipendiary lecturer at Somerville College and a researcher in the Natural Interactions Lab, working on the establishment of a Need Led Institute for innovation. As a former MPLS Enterprise Fellow, he is also working on the creation of a programme called Enterprise Process Labs, supporting graduate students and early career researchers in the establishment of translational projects and spin-out companies.

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