Swapnil Tripathi

Matric Year: 2021 – Subject: DPhil Constitutional Law/Public Law – Scholarship: The Gopal Subramanium Scholar

I am reading for the Doctor of Philosophy in Law (DPhil) at Faculty of Law, University of Oxford. My research focuses on judicial review exercised by the Supreme Court of India. I aim to focus on the judicial tools of Public Interest Litigation and Suo Moto cognizance and argue that although created to achieve ‘substantive justice’, the use of these tools has done more harm than good. I aim to propose a theory that shall achieve ‘substantive justice’ without compromising procedure, like these tools do.

I completed my Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) degree in July 2021, with a focus on Comparative Equality Law, Constitutional Theory, Comparative Constitutional Law and Children, Families and State. Prior to Oxford, I obtained an undergraduate degree in law from National Law University (Jodhpur) India.

I am interested in the exercise of judicial review by the Court and believe that if the power exercised carefully can result in significant reforms to the judicial system. My interest in the field stems from my time appearing before the Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court as an advocate and as an intern before. This interest was further solidified during my BCL degree, in the papers of Constitutional Theory and Comparative Constitutional Law.  I am passionate about making the law accessible to the citizens, and to that effect have been running an online personal blog titled “The Basic Structure” since the past two years, wherein I simplify the constitutional law of India for a common man’s understanding.

The Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development has very kindly given me the opportunity to pursue my DPhil at the University. I am particularly excited to join Somerville College, an institution that has significant ties with India. Being the first person from my family to study abroad and also pursue a DPhil, I am truly grateful to the OICSD and Somerville College.

Awards and Previous Qualifications:

JN Tata Scholar, JN Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians (Tata Trusts) (July 2020)).

Enrolled as an Advocate with the Bar Council of Delhi, India (August 2019)

Recipient of Vice Chancellor’s Gold Medal (Best All-Round Student), National law University, Jodhpur

BBA. LLB (Constitutional Law Hons.), National Law University, Jodhpur (June 2019)

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