Shamsideen Yusuf

Junior Dean

My name is Shamsideen, but everyone calls me Shams. I am currently a DPhil student researching how iron deficiency affects immunological memory. I have a mixed background, having lived all over the world: Uzbekistan (Asia), Ghana (Africa), Russia and Ashville, North Carolina (America).

I generally stay physically active (strength training) and enjoy long distance running – one of my goals is to run the original marathon in Athens (Greece). As well as learning about the human body and mind through psychological, neuroscientific and now immunological studies, I’m fascinated by the ‘weird, mysterious and unexplained’ in the world around us, including subjects outside of conventional science. As a result, in my free time I enjoy reading about lost civilizations, ancient history and the most mysterious organ in our body- the brain. I also like painting/drawing and take great interest in art from the 14th to 18th centuries. 

I am a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and a trained Samaritan. Come talk to me anytime! I am very excited to join the Somerville Community and contribute to this historic college.

I have undertaken the following training for my role as Junior Dean:

  • First Aid Training offer by St John’s Ambulance
  • Junior Deans Training offered by the University Counselling Service
  • Health and Safety Training – Somerville Lodge Porters
  • Fire Evacuation Training – Somerville Lodge Porters
  • Data Protection and Security Awareness Training – Information Services
  • Welfare Policy and Procedures – Welfare Support and Policy Officer
  • College Rules and Procedures – Decanal Officer
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