Robert Davies

Fellow & Tutor in Statistics; Associate Professor of Statistical and Population Genomics

My research is in statistical genetics, the application of statistics to large genetics datasets for inference and prediction.

I am particularly interested in statistical methods development in human genetics that could ultimately facilitate more accurate phenotype prediction from genotype with potential clinical applications.


Bowden R*, Davies RW*, Heger A*, Pagnamenta AT, de Cesare M, Oikkonen LE, …, Buck D, Simpson MA, Donnelly P. Sequencing of human genomes with nanopore technology. Nature Communications, 2019.

Liu S, …, Davies RW (author 15 of 38), …, Xu X. Genomic Analyses from Non-invasive Prenatal Testing Reveal Genetic Associations, Patterns of Viral Infections, and Chinese Population History. Cell 2018.

Davies RW, Flint J, Myers S, Mott R. Rapid genotype imputation from sequence without reference panels. Nature Genetics, 2016.

Nicod J, Davies RW, Cai N, Hassett C, Goodstadt L, Cosgrove C, …, Lionikas A, Mott R, Flint J. Genome-wide association of multiple complex traits in outbred mice by ultra-low-coverage sequencing. Nature Genetics, 2016.

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