Hadrien Oliveri

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mathematics

Hadrien Oliveri is a postdoctoral researcher at the Mathematical Institute, with broad interest in applied mathematics and mathematical biology. In particular, Hadrien is interested in using mathematical, physical and computational modelling to decipher the mechanisms that govern morphogenesis, the process by which livings organisms grow and acquire their shape.

Hadrien completed a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Montpellier, and a MEng in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Grenoble Institute of Technology. During his doctoral study, he studied the role of mechanics in the formation of plant organs, in particular leaves. In 2019, he joined the Mathematical Institute as a postdoctoral research associate. Hadrien’s current research includes, among others, problems related to axonal growth, brain neurodegeneration, and plant growth and behaviours.

In 2021, Hadrien was elected a Fulford Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College.


Highlighted publications:

Theory for durotactic axon guidance
Oliveri, H; Franze, K; Goriely, A
Physical Review Letters issue 11 volume 126 (15 March 2021)

Multiscale integration of environmental stimuli in plant tropism produces complex behaviors
Moulton, D; Oliveri, H; Goriely, A
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences issue 51 volume 117 page 32226-32237 (3 December 2020)

Microtubule-mediated wall anisotropy contributes to leaf blade flattening
Zhao, F; Du, F; Oliveri, H; Zhou, L; Ali, O; Chen, W; Feng, S; Wang, Q; Lü, S; Long, M; Schneider, R; Sampathkumar, A; Godin, C; Traas, J; Jiao, Y
Current Biology issue 20 volume 30 page 3972-3985.e6 (10 September 2020)

Mathematical models of neuronal growth
Oliveri, H; Goriely, A
Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology

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