Eoghan Mulholland

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Cancer Genetics

Eoghan is a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the  Leedham Lab, working within the ACRCelerate: Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Stratified Medicine Network.

This network is a European-wide consortium aimed at accelerating translational research to pave the way for personalised bowel cancer treatments. This project brings together basic and clinical scientists at the forefront of CRC research to interrogate a suite of state-of-the art preclinical models. The overarching aim of ACRCelerate is to generate robust and reproducible preclinical data to de-risk future clinical trials via patient stratification.

Eoghan’s research focus is the genetic analysis of colorectal cancer’s response to radiation therapy, including the use of MRI-guided radiation therapy. This involves elucidating the crosstalk between the stromal, epithelial and immune compartments, working with Human tissues, organoids and in vivo models.

Eoghan was appointed as a Fulford Junior Research Fellow of Somerville College, University of Oxford in October 2020.


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