Dr Sarah Jones

Stipendiary Lecturer in French

I teach nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature on Paper VIII, as well as special authors on Paper XI, in addition the Prelims literature course. At Somerville I also teach French-English translation to all year groups, in addition to first-year French grammar. I am currently acting as Organizing Tutor for French.

My research focuses on the intersection between science, medical practice, and literature in the French nineteenth century. I am particularly in the medical humanities and the doctor-patient relationship, which my doctoral thesis examined in the works of Balzac, Sand, Stendhal, and Zola.



The Doctor-Patient Relationship in the Nineteenth-Century French Novel (in preparation)

Journal Articles

‘Stendhal’s Consumptive Heroine: Lamiel and the Romantic Conception of Tuberculosis’, French Studies (forthcoming July 2023)

‘The Moral Ambiguity of Money: Doctor Halpersohn and L’Envers de l’histoire contemporaine’, The Balzac Review/Revue Balzac (forthcoming July 2022)

‘Jeune fille qui ne pleure pas son oiseau mort: Reading Female Puberty in Stendhal’s Lamiel’, Nineteenth-Century French Studies, vol. 50, nos 1-2, Fall-Winter 2021-22), pp. 50-67.

‘Zola’s Fortunate Man: Rereading Doctor Pascal as a Country Doctor’, ‘Critical French Medical Humanities’, ed. by Áine Larkin and Enda McCaffrey, Essays in French Literature and Culture, Australian Journal of French Studies, no. 58, October 2021, pp. 51-68

‘Faith, Medicine, and Healing in Zola’s Lourdes’, The Bulletin of the Émile Zola Society, 59-60 (April-October 2019), pp. 26-36.

‘Écrire le corps cholérique dans Lélia de George Sand’, Romantisme (submitted)

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