Beth Romano

Stipendiary Junior Research Fellow

Beth Romano is a Junior Research Fellow affiliated with the Mathematical Institute.

Beth attended Wellesley College for her undergraduate degree and received her PhD from Boston College in 2016. In her research, she applies techniques from representation theory, the study of symmetries, to several areas in number theory. In particular, she studies the local Langlands correspondence, a series of conjectures that help form the backbone of modern number theory, and arithmetic statistics, in which she studies the properties of algebraic curves as they vary in families. In addition to her research activities, Beth teaches undergraduate tutorials on Number theory and groups.


On the arithmetic of simple singularities of type E
Romano, B; Thorne, J
Research in Number Theory issue 2 volume 4 (16 April 2018)

Stable vectors in Moy-Prasad filtrations
Fintzen, J; Romano, B
Compositio Mathematica issue 2 volume 153 page 358-372 (9 February 2017)

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