Adrianne Tooke

Emeritus Fellow

Adrianne Tooke’s interests include Flaubert, especially travel writing and connections with the visual arts. Also Benjamin Constant in the early 1800s and nineteenth-century literature of all kinds, especially the novel and prose poetry.


‘Flaubert: Views of the Orient’, in: Eastern Voyages, Western Visions: French Writing and Painting of the Orient, ed. Margaret Topping (Peter Lang, Bern, 2004), 167-185

Editor, with D. Wood, B. Anelli, Benjamin Constant , Correspondance vol III , Oeuvres completes (Tuebingen, Niemeyer, 2003)

Translator, Flaubert , L’Education sentimentale (Wordsworth Classics, 2003)

‘Flaubert et les arts picturaux: de l’image au texte ‘, Bulletin Flaubert-Maupassant , 11 (2002), 7-21

Flaubert and the Pictorial Arts: From Image to Text (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2000)

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