Achas Burin

Lord and Lady McNair Early Career Stipendiary Lecturer

Achas is a barrister and a doctoral candidate at Balliol College.

She completed her LLB at Leeds University, followed by the BCL at Oxford. At Somerville, she teaches constitutional law and tort to undergraduate law students.

Her DPhil is on the philosophy of private property law. She has diverse interests, as evidenced by her publications, which range over the topics of politically-incorrect free speech (2012), abortion and phenomenology (2014), and what it means in law to suffer loss (2014). A burgeoning area of interest for her is African political philosophy. She would love it if you came up and talked to her about it.


'The positive duty of prevention in the common law and the Convention'
Achas K Burin

'Love in a Time of Dementia'
Achas K Burin

'State responsibility for failure to protect and natural language argumentation'
Achas K Burin

'What Does it Mean to Suffer Loss? Haxton v Philips Electronics'
Achas K Burin

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