The Somerville-Jesus Surrealism Ball: Enter the Subconscious Mind

7th June 2016

2It’s been a month since the Somerville-Jesus ball, when 1,250 guests were welcomed to Somerville College for a hugely successful and unique Surrealism themed night.

Drawing inspiration from the 20th century avant-garde movement, the Somerville grounds were transformed with lighting and decorations bringing the dreamlike aspect of the ball’s Surrealist theme to life. Particular highlights included a world-championship-winning wheel gymnast, a modern art video installation, and an inflatable elephant standing three metres tall.

Entertainment was varied and extensive, ranging from nationally-recognised DJs to some of the finest talent from current Somerville and Jesus students. The night saw 18 musical acts spread out over four locations for the duration of the ball as well as a string quartet playing on arrival and an Oompah band who could be found playing on the Somerville grounds throughout the night.


Away from the music, the Dining Hall was transformed into a cinema, and the Terrace into a Parisian casino. The gardens were renamed ‘Laz Pozas’, after the surrealist garden situated in a subtropical rainforest north of Mexico City, and played host to giant garden games and ping pong. Guests relished the range of food and drink on offer, which lasted all the way through the night.

The Ball President, Nick Machin (PPE, 2014), would like to thank everyone who made the ball a success: “I am immensely grateful to all those who helped us make an event of this scale possible, particularly to the fantastic staff at Somerville. It was an unparalleled experience to see the Ball Committee’s vision become reality.”

Four photographers worked hard to capture  the Somerville Jesus Ball in its entirety and photographer Bertie Beor-Roberts has kindly provided us with some highlights below. You can see the rest of the photo albums on the Somerville-Jesus Ball Facebook page.

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