I was born and grew up in Herzogenaurach, a small Germany city known as the “city of sports” due to being home to both Adidas and Puma.

During my undergraduate studies in Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Bonn, I became fascinated by tumour biology. In particular, I was interested in how cellular mechanisms lead to the creation of these “immortal” cells.

Having completed my Masters studies in Oncology here at Oxford, I will be starting a DPhil in Medical Sciences in 2019 supported by the Thatcher Scholarship, focusing on immuno-oncology, following an intervening year on placement with Merck as an intern with their in-house consulting team. The analytical proficiency I develop will assist me with my research when I take up my studies at Oxford, while the overall experience will give me a stronger grasp of how best to confront the emerging challenges of modern healthcare.

Throughout my studies, it has always been crucial for me to keep a good balance between work and extracurricular activities. In both my Bachelor and Master studies, I was elected as a student representative. My responsibilities have included trying to the improve the academic experience for students, as well as organising social events and formal dinners. I also enjoy playing badminton.