Malak completed her MSc in Integrated Immunology in 2019.

I spent the last year after graduation working within the health department of UNRWA. This post has increased my understanding of disease on a clinical basis and further increased my enthusiasm to become involved in the academic field and thus medical research in order to contribute to the reduction and prevention of those diseases.

I can definitely foresee that the Integrated Immunology MSc at Oxford University would add to this pursuit. The applied possibilities of integrated immunology makes it a highly valuable study area in providing guidance for clinical practice and basic research. Having a chance to study this postgraduate course will equip me with the academic background and research methodologies necessary to undertake investigations that advance the field, especially in the areas I am most passionate about: antitumor immunity and cancer immunotherapy.

On a personal level, I enjoy doing handworks such as embroidery, learning new languages, and reading.