I grew up in South Bucks and attended my local grammar school.

I first came to Somerville as a teenager with my school and had no prior knowledge of higher education, let alone Oxford, as I’m the first generation of my family to attend university. Participating in a taster session for History with one of the Somerville tutors when I visited, confirmed that this was the subject I wanted to pursue further. History requires nuance, attention to detail and great imagination and so is endlessly challenging and fascinating to me. Being at Oxford has made me realise how privileged I have been to receive the educational opportunities that I have, and so I want to work to ensure young people have an equal chance to succeed. I’ve tried to begin this work already, becoming President of Schools Plus Oxford, a tutoring programme placing Oxford students as tutors for disadvantaged state school pupils. I will always be incredibly grateful to Lord Glendonbrook for funding my scholarship and am committed to using my talents to engage with society to support and improve the lives of others.