Somerville offers some students a grant for their Vacation Residence. All Students returning early before the next term must first apply for, and be granted vacation residence through this form. Anyone with an Extended Licence does not need to apply for Vacation Residence but you may still apply for vacation residence grant using this form.

Forms will be forwarded to your tutors and accommodation will not be granted without their approval.

If your plans change after applying for vacation residence, please notify the Housekeeping Manager by sending an e-mail to Please note that the Housekeeping Manager is not able to action requests overnight or at weekends.

Accommodation charges in relation to residence required for you to stay up to sit Public Examinations outside term will be credited automatically to your battels without you needing to apply for a grant for these nights and a Tutor’s approval will not be required.

Vacation residence grant

Undergraduate members of the college may apply for a grant for Vacation Residence, exclusive of days spent taking University Examinations.

Undergraduates may apply for a grant of up to 42 nights (for a three-year course), or 56 nights (for a four-year course) throughout their undergraduate career. Please note that these limits on the amount for which you can apply do not imply that you should expect to be awarded a grant for this amount.

If you fall into one of the following categories, you may apply for a vacation residence grant to cover some or all of the costs of your accommodation.

  • Those who are considered to be in need of financial support, including those in receipt of an Oxford Opportunity Bursary, those who are currently in receipt of a hardship grant
  • Those who will be in financial difficulties if they have to stay up for academic reasons
  • Those who have missed tutorials through illness
  • Those who have another exceptional reason for applying

In all these circumstances, undergraduates wishing to apply for a vacation residence grant should complete the Vacation Residence Grant application form.  All vacation residence grants are subject to the approval of the Treasurer and the Senior Tutor.

Please note that the College reserves the right to adjust the numbers of nights of vacation residence grant that you are awarded if at a later stage you decide to reduce the number of nights that you wish to stay.

Vacation Residence Grant Form