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Before filling in the event booking form, please read the following instructions carefully.

Book a Student Event

Student events are defined as organised gatherings of students outside normal meeting rooms during term time.  Such events will take place in the FAH and/or BWR or the quad.  Bookings for meetings should be made using the appropriate online booking form on the College intranet.

Your description of the event should specify whether there is going to be a theme, and what this will be.

The college will normally provide the venue free of charge to Somerville societies recognised by the JCR during term time.  We charge for venues for all other student societies as well as for events that may incur significant cleaning costs such as bops.

Events must be over by 10.45pm (11.45pm on Saturdays) and the booked venues must be cleaned and left in good order by the event organisers.

All events are closed events. Non-Somervillians have to be registered in advance. A list (pdf-format or spreadsheet) must be submitted to the Deans ( by 10am on the day of the event.

In the first instance, please check room availability with the Bursary.  If the space is available it is then your responsibility to complete the booking form below at least 2 weeks prior to the event (3 weeks if an alcohol licence is required).  Reminders will not be issued by any of the involved College departments.

The Decanal office will sign off your event in principle provided that you give at least two weeks’ notice and provided that it is not judged that the event is intrinsically incompatible with the College’s duty to have due regard to the risk of people being drawn in to terrorism.  In making that judgement, the Decanal Office will have due regard to the College’s higher obligation to protect and uphold fundamental rights such as freedom of speech academic freedom.  Failure to give two weeks’ notice will likely cause the Decanal office to deny your request.

Once the Decanal office has signed off your event in principle you will be notified by e-mail.  You must then discuss your event in more detail with the Catering and Conference Manager either by making a scheduled appointment or by attending the designated drop-in session for event enquiries.  At this meeting the Catering and Conference Manager will advise you of required licences and discuss any catering requirements with you.  Please note that it will take a minimum of 10 days to process an alcohol licence and therefore we suggest that you make an appointment to see the Catering and Conference Manager at least 2 weeks before your event if you require one.  A copy of any alcohol licenses must be submitted to the Dean’s office 7 days prior to the event taking place.  You must also complete an Event Fire Safety Plan which must be signed by Mark Ealey, Lodge Manager. Once in receipt of all required paperwork, the Dean’s office will then issue you with an event confirmation number via e-mail.  It is only at this point that an event is authorised to go ahead, failure to submit your paperwork may result in the event being cancelled.

Prior to filling out the following form, please message the bursary stating your required room, date and time. If there is an availability, the Bursary will hold your room booking for 7 days whilst the relevant paperwork is completed.

Student Event Booking Form

Student Event Booking Form



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