Printing and Passwords

The new print server offers us a number of key improvements, namely:

  • Web printing available at: This offers mobile printing functionality, so anyone with a Somerville username and password can log in and print without the need to install drivers or reconfigure your PC.
  • Improved functionality and reliability
  • Reducing our environmental impact (A number of changes have been implemented to reduce our impact on the environment. One key change is that cover sheets / separator pages are no longer available, this should reduce the amount of paper we use)

What’s new

  • If you log on to a College computer, you will see a new print client appear on your desktop (see attached screen shot print_client.jpg)
  • Printer paths will now be \\printing\%printer_name%
  • Printing can be managed via, Refunds can be requested here.
  • Personal computers on the Somerville network can now print via the web interface (
  • Printing notifications will come from
  • Finally, there is now a new colour printer available in the library. This is called “printer_library_colour” (situated in the library loggia). This will replace the existing colour printer currently located in the Maitland 28. The new printer has printing, copying and scanning functionalities and is available 24 hours a day.

Existing printers will still be available to print in black & white documents. This includes “printer_library_west” (situated in the lower Library extension to the left).


Why do I have more than one password?

While we have made as many systems as we can use the University Single Sign-On account (SSO) some pieces of software or systems simply are not compatible with this option.  One example of this is the Wi-Fi system which requires the use of your Remote Access password in addition to your SSO password to access and then register your computer online.

Utilising University provided authentication systems such as SSO and Remote Access means that you are able to fix most issues online by accessing University IT Services Help & Support webpages from your own or a College computer.

Password Problems

Oxford username and Single Sign-On (Webauth)

If you are having issues with your SSO/webauth account (format: some1234) then you will need to contact IT Services or use their online help services:

Forgotten Passwords

You can manage your SSO account online via:

Further Help @ Somerville

Please bring your university card (bod card) with you to the IT Help Desk (Maitland 1A) during drop in hours (Mon – Fri, 12:00 – 13:00, 13:30 – 14:30) or make an appointment by emailing, submitting an online Contact IT Form or by calling 01865 270597.