I am a linguist with a particular interest in Phonology and Historical Linguistics.

Having graduated from Oxford in 2014 with a BA in German and Linguistics, I completed a PGCE and spent time teaching before returning to academia (and Oxford) in 2018 for an MPhil in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology. My thesis focused on the impact of Romance loan words on the Middle High German stress system, reflecting my interest in Germanic languages and Metrical Phonology.

In Michaelmas 2020, I began my DPhil in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics at Somerville College. I am hoping to build on my earlier research and provide a diachronic account of the changes to the word prosodic system of German between the mediaeval and modern periods.

Outside of my studies, I can often be found in wellingtons, tramping through fields and over hills with my Scottish terrier, Bertie. I am also a keen skier and, closer to home, I enjoy boardgames, knitting and music (in addition to my unsurprising love of reading).