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Fire Safety Information for Student Society Events in the Park 05

As part of the conditions of the use of this venue the host of the event has a responsibility to ensure that persons present are aware of the fire safety procedures within Somerville College taking into account any attendee with a disability that could affect their ability to evacuate promptly.

As part of good housekeeping practice you should make the attendees/delegates aware of the following key points prior to commencing with the event or activities;

  • Signing of the attendance register of persons present for roll call.
  • Location of available fire exits from the building.
  • Route to the fire assembly point.
  • On the sounding of the fire alarm the room will be immediately evacuated leaving all personal belongings.
  • Location of the College fire assembly point relevant to that particular building.
  • Identity of person to report to at the assembly point, this should be yourself as host

On evacuation of the building the host will take a roll call of persons present at the event against the register completed with any missing persons identified & their names communicated promptly to the head Fire Marshall at the assembly point.

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