2020 graduate freshers’ week and welcome events

Please read the following information about freshers’ week.

Freshers’ week

The week beginning Sunday 4th October is freshers’ week. More detailed information about the Freshers’ week schedule will be release closer to the start of term.

Matriculation on Saturday 19th October

Matriculation is the process by which you officially become a member of the University of Oxford. You will be sent more information about this during freshers’ week. You must attend this ceremony unless:

  1. You have previously matriculated at Oxford.
  2. You hold a degree from the University of Cambridge or Trinity College Dublin. You might be able to incorporate your degree instead of matriculating. Please email academic.office@some.ox.ac.uk if you would like to incorporate instead of matriculate. Please note that the University charges a fee for incorporation.
  3. You are studying the Advanced Diploma in British and European Studies.
  4. You are studying the MSc in Sleep Medicine.
  5. There is a very good reason why you cannot attend on this date. If you are unavailable, please let the Academic Office know immediately. Please note that you will be required to matriculate at a later date.

First year photograph on Saturday 19th October

As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic the first year group photograph will be a bit different to normal, more specific information about this year’s photograph plans. Even if you will not be matriculating, please attend the photograph as it will be a record of all students starting a course in 2020/21. Copies of the photograph will be available to purchase later in term. You will be sent more information about this during freshers’ week.