Hot desks

This term, by popular request,  we are reintroducing the hot desk system by which designated desks in the library will become ‘hot desks’.

This means that any books and papers left unattended in these spots will be cleared away on a regular basis during the day and evening.  Please do not leave anything in these spaces or they will be removed and placed in the lost property area of the library (bottom of the east staircase on the windowsill).   


The spaces that are to become hot desks are:


  • the two end desk spaces of the second/furthest science bay downstairs
  • the two end desk spaces of the reference/dictionary bay
  • the end desk space of the desk in the law room by the law reports
  • the entire central desk upstairs
  • the group study room (all)
  • the two end desks in the Classics Room



Please ask at the desk or email us at  if you have any queries about the system

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