Hilary Term 2012 — Vacation loans

Library books may be taken out over the vacation in the same way as they are during term, with no limit on number.

Vacation borrowing begins on Thursday of 7th Week (1st March). Any books taken out or renewed on or after this date will not be due back until the beginning of next term. All books taken out before this date should be returned to the Library or renewed by Wednesday of 8th Week (7th March). Instructions on how to renew books are available online, and at the Library front desk.

If there is a book you need for vacation work which you do not have already, and which is signed out to someone else, please make sure you recall it in good time. No recalls will be issued after Wednesday of 8th Week. If a book is recalled from you which you yourself need for vacation work, please inform the Library staff, who will endeavour to find another copy for you.

The Library will be open to members of College as usual throughout the vacation.

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