About Grace.

1) Why did you decide to apply for the 2015 Telethon?

I’ve been involved in fundraising efforts for past projects and wanted to be part of Somerville’s. I feel especially close to this campaign because without my scholarship from Somerville (sharing funding of my DPhil with the Marshall Scholarship program), I may not be able to pursue the research I’m doing now. Somerville is also in a somewhat unique place in terms of fundraising. As a newer, originally all-women’s college, we don’t (yet) have the endowments of the much older colleges; but that is all changing, in large part thanks to Somerville’s long-standing commitment to supporting women scientists and leaders.

2) What you are most looking forward to during the campaign?

I’m looking forward to speaking with alumni and meeting the other callers.

3) What do you hope to do after Somerville?

I hope to earn my Professional Engineering licence and continue to work in ocean conservation; developing technologies to help us better understand, manage and conserve the oceans.

4) What is your favourite thing about Somerville?

The graduate community at Somerville is both intellectually stimulating and incredibly supportive. I’m thankful for the close friends I’ve made here and for the support Somerville has given me academically and socially.