Gayathree Devi Kalliyat Thazhathuveetil

I research on how international law can act as a catalyst for improving human rights protection and enforcement in conflict-prone zones.

As an OICSD Scholar, I completed the Bachelor of Civil Law and an MPhil in Law on how international courts like the European Court of Human rights have approached the question of protecting human rights in de facto regimes across the world, through the law on State responsibility.

It has been my dream to engage in scholarly research on improving access to justice for human rights abuse victims through international law. I am immensely grateful to Mr Hemant Sahai and Mr Sarosh Zaiwalla for supporting my research. I am also grateful to the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development for helping me realize this dream. As a woman, I am incredibly proud to have spent my formative years as a researcher at Somerville College and inherited its empowering legacy of women leaders.

Awards and Previous Qualifications:

BA, LLB (Hons), Gujarat National Law University (July 2018)

Bachelor of Civil Law (dist), University of Oxford (July 2019)

MPhil in Law (dist), University of Oxford (September 2020)