Gaurav Dubey

Gaurav is undertaking a DPhil research at the intersection of electric mobility, climate policy and neoliberalism. The principal aim is to critically evaluate the efficacy of electric mobility as a policy choice for decarbonising transportation in India, and investigate associated potential distributional impacts of it along lines of accessibility, gender or class. The research is framed within a larger context of influence of neoliberalism on climate change mitigation paradigm and likely impacts thereof for emerging economies, by positing that electric mobility may be, at the root of it, a neoliberal solution for reducing carbon emissions from transportation.

Gaurav is an urban and transport planner with over 8 years of experience of working on urban mobility issues in India in a variety of roles ranging from consulting to research and advocacy. Prior to starting his DPhil, he was leading the programme on sustainable mobility for Centre for Science and Environment in New Delhi. He’s earlier also worked with Indian School of Business (ISB) and Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS).

He holds an undergraduate degree in urban planning from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi and an MSc in Transport Planning and Environment from Newcastle University, UK, for which he was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship.