I grew up in Lecco, a small town by the lake of Como in Italy.

As soon as I started high school, I realized that mathematics was my path. Hence, I decided to enrol the University of Milan for an Undergraduate degree in pure mathematics with a focus on Analysis and Geometry. Then, I moved to Zurich for my Master’s degree. In ETH Zurich, I found myself in a stimulating environment, which made me improve both from a mathematical and personal point of view. Here I also defined more precisely my research interests.

My general area of interest is Differential Geometry, which could be naively defined to be the study of differentiable manifolds (smooth curved spaces). The Euclidean plane, the surface of a ball (sphere) or of a doughnut (torus) are easy examples of two-dimensional differentiable manifolds. Even though it might look like that Differential Geometry is very abstract, it is closer to the “Real World” than you can imagine. Indeed, it has striking links to Theoretical Physics. For instance, General Relativity and String Theory describe the universe as a differentiable manifold of “high” dimension. Apart from mathematics, I enjoy playing the violin, watching movies and going to the theatre.  I am grateful to the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust for its financial support during my DPhil in Mathematics.