Daphne Park Bursary

Daphne Park Bursary Students 2016

Melissa Boyce-Hurd, 1st year undergraduate, Modern Languages (French)

I am a first year studying French Sole and so far my time here at Somerville has been a wonderfully new and exciting experience.

As I am doing French on its own, I am able to study French film and philosophy as well as language and literature, which greatly attracted me to the course when I was applying. I’m also really enjoying the surprisingly creative challenge of translating literature, and it is definitely something I’d love to explore further in the future.

I’m exceedingly grateful for your donation to the Oxford bursary, which has enabled me to get through term without worrying about funding my course or living costs. The money has helped me to pay for my textbooks, to join societies and also gone towards the cost of meals in the college hall. I can’t thank you enough.

Scott Frazer, 3rd year Graduate-entry Medicine Course

Dear Sir/Madam,
Another year further in my studies, I am again delighted to have the chance to thank you for your continuing contribution to the Bursary Scheme. Were it not for this bursary, my studies at Somerville simply would not be possible. I’m currently in my third year of the Graduate-entry medicine course. This year consists of a number of speciality rotations of 8 weeks each, with the majority of our time spent in the clinical setting, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

As I write this letter, I am in Alder Hey Children’s hospital in Liverpool as part of my paediatrics rotation. The chance to visit this impressive specialist hospital for four weeks has provided frequent opportunity to see referrals and procedures which do not happen even in large centres such as Oxford. I have continued to explore my interest of critical care by visiting the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in Alder Hey, and by spending time in the hospital’s A&E department.

As well as these opportunities afforded by my clinical placements, I am currently involved in several research projects in the specialities of intensive care and anaesthetics. One of these projects, focussed on the assessment and improvement of medical technology, serves to marry my current studies in medicine with my non-medical hobbies of computer programming and electronics, much to my enjoyment. I am also keeping up with my interest in emergency medicine by volunteering with the Student First Responders. Since beginning to participate last year, I have accumulated more than 100 hours ‘on-call’, and have qualified as a mentor for the scheme.

While it is of course still necessary to maintain tight control of my budget, your contribution to the bursary scheme has allowed me a chance not only to study medicine, but to engage in extra-curricular activities designed to further hone my interests within the subject, and broaden my outlook on medical practice as a whole. As always, I am sincerely grateful for the contribution you have made to the scheme which continues to play such an important part in my time at Oxford. Yours,  Scott Frazer

Eleanor Grant, 3rd year Graduate-entry Medicine Course

I am currently in my penultimate year of Graduate Entry Medicine at Somerville College and I have been generously awarded the Fiona Caldicott Bursary. We are now fully integrated into specialist teams and thus far this academic year I have studied neurology, psychiatry and I am currently on paediatrics. I am fascinated by neurology and considering it as a specialism. As such during my rotation I got involved with some research with one of the clinicians, an experience I am enjoying and has broadened my experience of what life as a clinician can be like. Having the bursary is very helpful for experiences like this as it allows me to become involved in research in my time outside of studying for the course itself. This is important to me as I have a background of scientific research, having attained my DPhil in developmental neuroscience at the University of Oxford and being able to integrate scientific practice and clinical medicine is very important to me.

Kate Asquith, 2nd year undergraduate, English Language and Literature

Hello! My name is Kate Asquith and I’m an English Language and Literature student, from Kendal in the Lake District. I’ve just entered my second year at Somerville and am enjoying it immensely, having chosen to study the course that focuses on Old English texts. The work is challenging and I sometimes wish for a nice poem written in Present Day English to read, but Anglo-Saxon literature is so interesting that this feeling doesn’t last long!

This year, I’m looking forward to a lot: I’m on the committees for Somerville’s Arts Festival and Equalities Week, and also the university’s LGBTQ+ society’s ball. Being able to engage in extracurricular activities outside of academia is very important to me, and it is your generous donation that allows me to pursue these things without having to worry about financial barriers. I love university life and want to be involved in as much as possible and get the most out of my experience here – because of your support, I can do that.  Thank you once again for your generosity,


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