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When you received your University Offer (through UCAS or your departmental offer letter) you were provided with a link to the Student Handbook. This document is updated annually and the updated version for 2019-20 can be found here: We need to formally draw your attention to some updates that have been made: these include the new Student Resolution Service (section 3.1) and new Student Protection Plan (section 11.8), minor changes to the appeals procedure for alternative examination arrangements (section 7.2), and significant amendments to the Disciplinary Procedures and Rights (Chapter 10). The changes to the Disciplinary Procedures and Rights section are to reflect the University’s new disciplinary procedure and changes to the relevant Statutes and Regulations to be introduced for the 2019-20 academic year. In particular the changes include; a 6 month time limit for bringing complaints of breaches of the Code of Discipline; broader provisions for accompaniment and/or representation at interviews and hearings; changes to when a Proctors’ Disciplinary Hearing is available as an alternative to a Student Disciplinary Panel Hearing; the introduction of new sanctions at the outcome of a disciplinary process; and the Proctors’ role in determining plagiarism cases where the outcome cannot be failure of the entire degree or expulsion, replacing the role of the Academic Conduct Panel. Please do familiarise yourself with the content of the new booklet, and the aforementioned sections.

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