Examinations are governed by the University Exam Regulations and you should be familiar with the regulations for your course.

The main role of colleges in examinations is to support students who needing alternative arrangements such as adjustments relating to disability; or those who have mitigating circumstances.

The University publishes lots of information about exams on the Examinations and Assessments web pages which you should read through. We also offer advice and guidance on exam preparation, and the Keep Calm and Carry On leaflet is distributed to all students via their pigeonholes at the start of Trinity term.

Health Problems

If you have a health issue or disability which means it is likely you will need alternative arrangements for exams, then arrange to speak to the Welfare Officer well in advance so that these can be put in place in plenty of time.

If you have to sit any exams in college, the Academic Office will make the arrangements once the exam schedule has been received. They will send you a timetable stating where your exams will take place and who your invigilator will be.

Should you experience sudden health problems that mean you can’t sit a scheduled exam at one of the standard venues (e.g. the exam schools) then contact the Academic Office as soon as possible on 01865 70619 or by calling in to House 5 in person. The office is open from 9am during Trinity term.

Mitigating Circumstances

If you experience significant disruption during your exam period it may be possible to make a request for mitigating circumstances to be considered by the Proctors. If these relate to health issues then please contact the Welfare Officer, otherwise contact the Academic Registrar who will help you make an application.

Administrative errors during an exam

If you experience any administrative issues with an exam (e.g. clocks not being visible or present, procedures not being followed) then contact the Academic Registrar as soon as possible after the event. They will be able to lodge a complaint to the Proctors on your behalf and ensure that factors that have affected your performance are taken into account.

Late Submission of Work

The college is automatically notified if written assessments are submitted late. Please contact your department in the first instance if you wish to contest late submission of written work. If it becomes apparent that a procedural issue outside of the student’s control led to the delay then the department will advise the Academic Office that it may be possible to submit an appeal to the Proctors.