The Decanal Team handle non-academic disciplinary matters in the college, and additionally provide a 24/7 source of support to students.

All members of our community have an obligation to their fellow Somervillians to be respectful of each other’s wellbeing and of the spaces that we all share. The Dean is in charge of responding when the College’s Rules (which are set out in the College Handbook, along with our disciplinary procedures) have been breached. In certain circumstances, students might be asked to come and see the Dean during the weekly Dean’s Hour on a Tuesday lunchtime, a meeting we expect to take priority over any academic,s porting or social commitment.

The Junior Deans assist the Dean by providing crisis welfare support for students who experience pastoral issues outside of office hours, and by being available to respond to urgent disciplinary matters – for example, if someone was having a loud social gathering nearby while you were trying to sleep, the on-call Junior Dean would be able to help. One of the Junior Deans is available every night from 7PM until 7AM and over the weekend. The Junior Deans also sign off student event requests for the Quad, Brittain-Williams Room and Flora Anderson Hall.

You can contact the Deans by emailing, or by calling 07805 784964 between 7pm and 7am or over the weekend.

The Decanal Team

Amine M’Charrak

Junior Dean
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Shamsideen Yusuf

Junior Dean
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Christopher Hare

Fellow & Tutor in Law; Travers Smith Associate Professor of Corporate and Commercial Law; Dean
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Mohini Gupta

Junior Dean
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