Cameron Fern

Maths, 2014

Caller Profile

  • Why did you decide to apply for the 2015 telethon?

    I think it's a fantastic opportunity to not only give back to college, but also to improve college in future years. For example, I believe it's imperative no student should be put off coming to Oxford for financial reasons, but to ensure that happens money must be raised to provide bursaries to those who need it.

  • What are you most looking forward to?

    I'm most looking forward to having some nice conversations with some of the alumni, and hearing about not only their experiences at Somerville, but also what they've gone on to do after leaving. Who knows - maybe some useful career tips for myself may come from it...

  • What do you hope to do after Somerville?

    At this stage, I think I'm probably interested in doing a master's degree, and after that I'm still not too sure. Ideas such as data analysis or finance have been considered.

  • What is your favourite thing about Somerville?

    The atmosphere - everyone who goes here instantly feels at home because everyone is just so friendly. That really helped me to settle in at the start of last year.

    Oh, and the location with regards to the maths institute is pretty convenient!

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