Undergraduate Grants for Course Materials

Who is eligible?

Enrolled undergraduates in the second or third year of their course. Please note that visiting students are not eligible.

How much is available?

Students can claim up to £50. Please note that this is the total amount available over both years. If your purchases total more than this amount, you will be reimbursed for the first £50. It is possible to make multiple applications of smaller amounts.

What purchases can be reimbursed?

Books, journals, software or other similar items that are relevant to your academic work. Purchases must be made through a bona fide bookseller, publisher or similar organisation. This can include online retailers. Students can only claim for purchases made between 1st October and 30th September in the current academic year. Students should ensure that they also apply to other funding sources such as department or faculty grants.

What is the application process?

Please complete the followng form and email it to the Scholarships and Funding Officer with evidence of your purchases:

Grants for course materials – UG

The deadline for claims is 30th September.

What is the payment process?

The grant will be placed on your battels account. It will offset any existing battels account debits before the balance is paid into your bank account.

Any queries?

For general queries, please email the Scholarships and Funding Officer. For queries about payments, please email the Treasury.