Ashrakat Elshehawy is a student of the DPhil in Politics at the University of Oxford.

She was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. She graduated from the German School of Alexandria (DSBA) in 2013. She holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Mannheim in Germany and was an undergraduate visiting student at Trinity College Dublin. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Political Science with a focus on Advanced Quantitative Methods also from the University of Mannheim.

As an undergraduate, she worked as a research assistant at GESIS Leibniz-Institut for Social Sciences and at the Mannheim Centre (MZES) for European Social Research. During her graduate studies, she was a researcher at the Chair of Empirical Political Research and was a teaching assistant at the Chair of Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences in the University of Mannheim. She also worked as a student editorial assistant for the American Political Science Review. After her Master’s she worked jointly on the project “Individual Responses to International Democratizing Action” as a Research Associate at the Mannheim Centre of European Social Research of the University of Mannheim and as a visiting scholar at the University of Houston, where she has spent several months in Houston, Texas.

Her research focus is multi-disciplinary and lies on economic aspects of institution-making, inequality, and resource distribution in authoritarian regimes, she is also focusing on methods of computational text-analysis of Arabic Text.