Somerville College exists to advance learning through teaching and research, as well as to foster a community that will support the wellbeing, growth and fulfilment of all its members. There are several key values which support us in this endeavour.

Somerville is committed to academic excellence.

Our academic community combines extraordinary depth and breadth, creating a fertile environment for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Somerville is inclusive.

We were founded in 1879 to include the excluded and we’re still doing it today. It’s part of our our DNA.

Somerville is collaborative.

We know that all academic and civilised discourse thrives on dialogue and collaboration, and we are endlessly proud to be a part of Oxford University as well as to enjoy strong relationships with academic institutions around the world.

Somerville is resilient.

We believe passionately in empowering our students to be intellectually and emotionally self-sufficient, and our community benefits immeasurably from the resilience of its members.

Somerville is progressive.

We are committed to making our college sustainable and to preparing our students for the challenges of tomorrow, from climate change to automation.

Somerville is home.

Home can be a difficult concept. However, for generations of students Somerville remains the place where they found themselves and where they will always belong and feel welcome – it is in this sense that we use the term home.