Equality & Diversity

“For any organisation to flourish in 21st century Britain it must reflect the society in which we live, and that is our aim for our College community which embraces students, staff and Fellows, from all backgrounds, cultures and countries.  Our values of dignity, fairness, equality and respect underpin everything that we do.”    Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, Principal

Somerville College’s mission is to promote scholarship through teaching and research.

We offer places to undergraduates in line with the University of Oxford’s agreed code of practice and to graduates admitted to the University of Oxford.

The College undertakes to remove any barriers, real or perceived, which might deter people of the highest ability from applying to the College, either as staff or students. The College aims to assist its students and staff in reaching their full potential, and to provide an inclusive environment which values diversity and maintains a working, social and learning environment in which the rights and dignity of all its staff, students and alumni are respected.

Please find the College’s Equality Policy here:  Somerville College Equality & Diversity Policy


Gender Pay Gap

Somerville College, which was founded to give opportunities to women, has always believed in promoting equality. The figures that we are publishing today show that Somerville has a mean gender pay gap of 22.0% and a median gender pay gap of 22.9%.

“We are deeply uncomfortable with this gap. We are determined to find out more about the factors behind it, and take action so that we can work towards closing the gap.”   Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, Principal

This does not mean that we pay women less than men for doing the same job. Looking separately at academic staff and support staff, the gaps are much narrower. The mean pay gap for academics is -3.2%, in favour of women, and for support staff it is 8.1%.

Women do hold well-paid leadership roles at Somerville. In the senior management team, three out of five are women, including the Principal Jan Royall.

But we have more men in higher-paid academic roles and more women in lower-paid support roles, which has contributed to the wide headline gap.

Senior academic staff are predominantly male. This is beginning to change in line with our equality action plans. Since 2016, we have recruited six new tutorial fellows at Somerville, of whom four are women.

We will do more over the coming months and years to ensure that our recruitment practices reflect our beliefs.

The Gender Pay Gap Report for 2017 can be found here: Somerville College Gender Pay Gap Report 2017


Equality Report

Somerville College carries out equal opportunity monitoring for students and staff who form part of our community, and within its recruitment and appointment processes.  Equal opportunity data obtained helps to inform our annual action plan which is published each year in our Equality Report:  the latest report be found here: Somerville College Equality Report for the Academic Year 2016-17 

Equality Reports from the last two years are available here:

Somerville College Equality Report for the Academic Year 2015-16

Somerville College Equality Report for the Academic Year 2014-15

Equality reports from previous years are available upon request from human resources


Other College policies

Policies that are related to the holding of data and confidential information can be found below:

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