Library book sale, MT 2011


Do keep checking the blog as we shall be having more sales throughout the year

We have a small number of books for sale – listed below at bargain prices!

Books will be sold on a first come, first served basis and the list will be updated when books are sold.

Please email to reserve your items.

Books can be collected and paid for in the library between 9 and 6 during the week or 9-1 on Saturday. Anything not paid for within three days of reservation will be readvertised. If you have difficulty coming into the library at these times but would like to reserve a book, please ask us to add it to your battels account.

Modern Languages (including dictionaries and literary theory):
Baker, E.M., ed. Cassell’s French-English/English-French Dictionary (1926 Cassell) Hbk Tatty binding, tied with string £1.00
Daudet, A. Lettres do mon moulin (1985 Livre de poche) Pbk 50p
Descartes, R. Discours de la Méthode; Méditations Métaphysiques; Traité des Passions (1936 Nelson) Hbk 70p
Lafayette, Mme. De la Princesse de Clèves (1934 Société les belles lettres) Pbk 50p
Molière L’Avare, comédie ([1928] Larrousse) Pbk 30p
Croce, B. Breviario di Estetica: Quattro Lezioni 14th (1962 Laterza) Pbk 50p

Allen, M.J.B. Platonism of Marsilio Ficino, The: A Study of His Phaedrus Commentary, Its Sources and Genesis (1984 Univ. of California Press) Hbk £1.00
Posidonius I. The Fragments (ed. Edelstein, L. & Kidd, I.G.) 2nd (1989 CUP) Hbk £1.50

English (including Linguistics)
Barbera, J. & McBrien, W., edd. Stevie: A Biography of Stevie Smith (1985 Heinemann) Hbk £1.00
Defoe, D. Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders, etc., The (ed. Blewett, D.) (1989 Penguin) Pbk 50p
Forman, V. Tragicomic redemptions: Global Economics and the Early Modern English Stage (2008 Univ. of Pennsylvania Press) Hbk £2.00
Gérin, W. Emily Brontë: A Biography (1979 OUP) Pbk 50p

General European
Roberts, J.M. Europe 1880-1945 (A General History of Europe series) 2nd (1970 Longman) Pbk 70p
Europe: 20th Century
Carsten, F.L. Rise of Fascism, The 2nd (1982 Batsford Academic) Pbk £1.50
Broszat, M. Hitler and the collapse of Weimar Germany (trans. Berghahn, V.R.) (1987 Berg) Pbk £1.00
Bullock, A. Hitler: a study in tyranny 3rd (1976 Penguin) Pbk 50p
Carr, W. Arms, Autarky and Aggression: A Study in German Foreign Policy, 1933-1939 (Foundations of Modern History series) (1983 Edward Arnold) Pbk 50p
Fowkes, B. Communism in Germany under the Weimar Republic (1984 MacMillan) Pbk 70p
Geary, D. Hitler and Nazism (Lancaster Pamphlets) (1993 Routledge) Pbk 70p
Koch, H.W., ed. Aspects of the Third Reich (1985 MacMillan) Pbk £1.50
Mitchell, A., ed. Nazi Revolution, the: Hitler’s Dictatorship and the German Nation (Problems in European Civilization Series) [3rd] (1990 D.C. Heath) Pbk £1.50
Nicholls, A.J. Weimar and the Rise of Hitler (The Making of the Twentieth Century series) 2nd (1982 MacMillan) Pbk 50p
Neville, P. France 1914-1969: The Three republics (Access to History series) (1995 Hodder & Stoughton) Pbk 50p
Douglas, L. Storia politica e sociale della Reppublica di Siena (trans. Vigo, P.) (1926 Libreria Editrice Senese) Pbk £1.00
Carr, E.H. Russian Revolution, The: From Lenin to Stalin (1917-1929) (1979 MacMillan) Pbk £1.00
Dobb, M. Soviet Economic Development Since 1917 [6th] (1972 Routledge )Pbk £1.00
Falkus, M.E. The Industrialisation of Russia, 1700-1914 (Studies in Economic History) (1972 MacMillan )Pbk 50p
Florinsky, M.T. End of the Russian Empire, The (1971 Collier Books) Pbk 50p
Harding, N. Leninism (1996 MacMillan) Pbk 70p
Male, D.J. Russian Peasant Organisation Before Collectivisation: A study of commune and gathering 1925-1930 (1971 CUP) Hbk £1.00
Pethybridge, R. Social Prelude to Stalinism, The (1974 MacMillan) Pbk 70p
Rostow, W.W. Dynamics of Soviet Society, The (1954 Mentor Books) Pbk 50p

Atkinson, R.L. et al., edd. Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology 13th (2000 Harcourt) Hbk £1.50

Brownlie, I. & Gill, G.S. Goodwin-, edd. Basic Documents on Human Rights 5th (2006 OUP) Pbk £1.00

Gilbraith, C. & Walston, C., edd. Pembroke in our time: A Portrait of Pembroke College Cambridge since 1945 (2007 Third Millennium) Hbk £1.50
Watson, N. From the Ashes: the Story of Grey College, Durham (2004 James & James) Hbk £1.00
Watson, N. Opportunity to be Myself, The: A History of Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge (2002 James & James) Hbk £1.00

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